Hair Trouble #1: The ends are very dry and tend to get matted. I’m not ready to cut them off as I like my long hair!

Earlier this week we asked our clients to send through their hair problem and we will do our best to help them….the best question winning a prize……here’s our pick of the week!

Question: Most of my hair is in good wavy condition but the ends are very dry and tend to get matted. I’m not ready to cut them off as I like my long hair. Is there anything that can help detangle them and make them look healthyish? – Kami


So with blonde hair, it needs a little more love than regular hair. Bleach naturally dries it out and you can’t really get away with any old product. Check out this picture below of hair under a microscope. Bleached hair is generally number 2, so classed as porous and more you bleach it, the higher up the scale it gets. Especially if you aren’t using professional hair products which can really help this…..


It’s definitely intimidating going into a salon and trying to figure out which bottles to use out of all those ones on the shelf. I always try and make my clients routine as easy as possible so I’m going to tell you what I use in my hair, because I have lightened hair that has dry ends from bleach and its fairly fine so gets dryer easier.


Firstly (and this isn’t because I’m a hairdresser trying to sell you anything, its because its true) your best option is going to be salon exclusive products. I’m not talking about he stuff in Boots they call ‘salon professional’ I’m talking the good stuff sold only in salons.

The reason being that its stronger, its better quality and its going to target your specific problems rather than being targeted at everyone. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Our clients say that in the time they would have bought one bottle of shampoo from the salon, they would have bought 3-4 from the supermarket which basically makes it the same price as it lasts longer.


Shampoo is the first thing, as you use it more than anything else on your hair and its the thing that is going to dry your hair out the most. Think about when you wash your hands too often or wash your face with hand soap and don’t moisturise, what happens?

I use Ritual Salvation by Evo which strengthens and moisturises (because if you strengthen without moisturising, your hair can feel brittle from too much protein). This will last you for ages. Like months.

Secondly I use a Treatment instead of a conditioner, its more intense. Evo Mane Attention has saved my ends from near death. Its will also last you months.


The last thing I use is a serum or dry oil. These don’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy like older ones used to. You need this to smooth your ends and give them the extra love.

I use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil or Skinny Serum also by Paul Mitchell…this will probably last you about 6 months. Put it on before you dry your hair off and a bit afterwards if you are having a fluffy day.


So three good product, is way better than a cupboard full of stuff that doesn’t work! O stuff that takes you hours to put in your hair. You don’t need to get everything all at once, I usually say one a week if you are worried about spending too much.


Always condition your hair (or use the treatment) because what shampoo does to clean your hair is opens your cuticles, conditioner closes them. If you aren’t closing the cuticles, its like a house with the doors open. It lets the moisture out and the cuticles can even start breaking off leaving your hair unprotected. Check out this next picture of open cuticles.



You also don’t need to worry about any of our products as they are all cruelty free.


Another great idea is buying a satin (or silk if you can afford it) pillowcase. Sounds weird but it allows your hair to slip around the pillow at night instead of sticking to it and getting damaged.


It might be a bit to spend all at once (as I said you can always just get one thing at a time) but I guess if you have blonde hair and go to a salon for it to be done, you can pay 150 plus for your colour and your hair will look good for a couple of days OR you could pay around 190 and have your hair look great all the time!

Would you buy an expensive coat and chuck it in the washing machine?

I hope that all makes sense.

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