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Evo Hair Products

We’re here to give anyone and everyone good hair… no miracle cures, gimmicks, hyped-up ingredients or answers to love, life and other woes, just high-quality hair care that speaks the truth with personality. From shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair like ritual salvation, the therapist and heads will roll, to hair styling heroes like miss malleable hair spray, salty dog and icon welder, we’ve got everything you need for an epic hair day. Saving ordinary humans from themselves. 

Non vegan products in this range on our site: Shebangabang spray wax, Casual Act, Box o Bollix, 

Oway Organic Haircare

Oway is organic, eco-sustainable, cruelty free & fair trade, using only 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable glass and aluminium containers for all products.

Their products are full of essential oils which they grow themselves organically. 

Oway persue a goal: to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle that they like to call the ORGANIC WAY OF LIFE

The Organic Way of Life begins at the company with the use of renewable energy and electric cars, recycling of materials, eco-sustainable furniture, yoga lessons and zero-mile organic shopping for employees. It passes through the salons, which more and more choose to differentiate themselves through natural, high quality products and treatments bringing wellbeing to people.

Non vegan products on our site from this range: Moisturising Hair Bath, No Rinse Moisture Conditioner, Moisture Mask (contains Honey)

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Range

Infused with essential oils and plant extracts with Tea Tree which is great for your scalp.

Continuing their partnership with Reforest’Action, Tea Tree has made a commitment to plant one million trees by the end of 2022 with the goal to:

Offset 359,773,920 miles worth of CO2 from cars

Support reforestation projects in Peru and Haiti

Benefit local communities through additional revenue sources

Protect soil from depletion and erosion caused by deforestation

Educate children on the importance of trees and the environment

Non vegan products on our site from this range: Thickening Spray 

Paul Mitchell Original

Paul Mitchell Original Range. The first professional haircare brand to fight against animal testing in 1970

Non vegan products in this range on our site: None