New Client Hair Package

New Client Cut & Colour Package



When you come and try us out for the first time for a colour and a cut*, we want you to go home with everything you need to keep your colour beautiful. Professional shampoo is the only way to keep your colour beautiful for as long as possible.

That is why, when you book a cut & colour with us, you will receive a GIFT FROM US!

You will get a bottle of our beautiful shampoo from either of our Paul Mitchell Original or Tea Tree Range, or from our Evo Ritual Salvation or Gluttony Range.

We will personally prescribe the best shampoo for your hair and you will get to take it home…on us!!!!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE (as they say)…..if you aren’t already booking one of our Naturally Beautiful Hair Packages and you want to book in for a more creative colour (using our bright or vivid range) your beautiful haircut will be added on for just and extra €20*……

Because we want to make sure those ends are in great condition when you leave and nothing shows off a colour better than an amazing haircut. (And yes for all those scissor shy people, you can just get a trim if you like, we promise to only cut off what YOU want.)


*T’s & C’s: You must book in for a colour and cut on the same day and shampoo excludes the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Range. Gift applicable on your first visit only so we can ensure you are using the best shampoo from the beginning! The haircut will be added on for €20 only if you aren’t already booking in for any other packages or offers.
Available from the 24th of September 2019 onwards.